Stress Free

Selling a car privately has been a source of stress for much too long. Nobody wants to meet strangers and negotiate uncertain deals. In the absence of trust, private vehicle transactions can quickly spiral out of hand and cost thousands of dollars. ExRide removes the stress from private car sales by handling the entire transaction with its the buyer-side uncertainties.


Our process is simple and fully transparent. We offer your vehicle to qualified buyers from around the country through an auction-based system. We present you with the top offers, all you must do is decide to accept or decline. ExRide guarantees every transaction by handling disbursements, liens, registrations and other complexities.

Data Driven

Information is the key to success in a modern marketplace. We integrate relevant data sources to compile an accurate rendering of today’s automotive marketplace. You can count of ExRide to deliver unparalleled value when marketing your vehicle. ExRide is a comprehensive system for selling vehicles safely and effectively.

How The Market Looks

15% Increase

In Used Car values compared to last year.

Inflationary forces further increase vehicle prices. - 15%+ increases in Used Car values compared to last year.

23% Increase

In Private Car Sale

Automotive industry is adjusting to new realities. - 23% increase in private sales, people trying to take advantage of rising used car prices

6 Months

Average Wait For New Vehicles

Supply chain issues create unprecedented shortages of new cars on the market. - Average wait for a new vehicle has surpassed 6 months.

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